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University Archives Oral History Collection

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The University Archives Oral History Collection, now available in the University at Buffalo Libraries Digital Collections, contains over 40 taped interviews with members of the University at Buffalo community. Those interviewed include administrators (such as Dr. Thomas R. McConnell, Chancellor of the University of Buffalo, 1950-1954), alumni, faculty, staff, and UB Council members.

Although covering some 25 years, the bulk of the collection consists of interviews conducted in 1978-1979, and offers a wide range of topics and personal insight into University history by those that lived it. A majority of the interviews were conducted by part-time University Archives staff members Jenny Peterzell and Brenda Shelton. Other interviewers include then Head Archivist Shonnie Finnegan and Josephine Capuana. The Oral History Project was organized by the University Archives and University at Buffalo Emeritus Center, and was made possible through a grant from the University at Buffalo Foundation, Inc.

Of the original project, Ms. Finnegan wrote, “The University has a rich, multi-layered past which is not fully reflected in the written record. These oral accounts … fill gaps in the record and capture the past in more vivid, human terms.

University Archives Oral History Collection

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