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Where Were You? Summer 1967

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Where were you during the summer of 1967?

If you were in Buffalo, perhaps you remember some of the summer activities on the U.B. campus.

According to the official U.B. brochure, the State University of New York at Buffalo attempted to offer students, faculty, staff and the Buffalo community a series of cultural and intellectual events which are both aesthetically and educationally engaging.

Summer activities at U.B. included concerts, plays, lectures, poetry readings, and film screenings.

One could attend a poetry reading from Robert Creeley, a painting exhibition of Robert De Niro, Sr. (the actor’s father) or a James Joyce exhibit in the Lockwood Library.

See the listing below for details or check out the entire brochure available as a PDF.


See also, “Summer at U.B.” on the University Archives website.


POETRY READING – Robert Creeley
Norton Hall Terrace
June 14, 1967

Robert Creeley, best known for his collected poems, For Love: Poems 1950-1960 and Words, is also a novelist and story writer. While a faculty member at Black Mountain College, he edited the Black Mountain Review. Mr. Creeley has been on the U.B. English Faculty since Fall 1966.

Norton Center Lounge
Monday, June 26, 1967 through Friday, June 30, 1967

Robert De Niro, Sr., visiting faculty member of the U. B. Department of Art, has been represented in over ten group shows . He has had twelve one-man exhibitions in New York City at Peggy Guggenheim Gallery, Charles Egan Gallery, Poindexter Gallery, and Zabriskie Gallery.

A critic in Art News June, 1960 has said: “De Niro’s charcoal drawings present a rich harvest. His marvelously vivid line flows like light itself simply and intuitively over and around objects.”

Lockwood Memorial Library
Friday, June 16, 1967 through Monday, July 31, 1967

The total of the James Joyce collections is of such scope and quality that their contribution to literature ranks close in value to that of his finished works.

Perhaps the most important single item in the collection is a first draft of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Other parts of the collection include: The “Paris Library” – containing books from Joyce’s personal library and oil paintings of Joyce and his family and “Sylvia Beach” collection – containing manuscripts, letters and rare editions.

The totality of the collection presents much of Joyce as an artist and also something of Joyce as a human being.


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