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Medical Newspaper Clippings, 1901-1906

About the Collection

Four 16” x 10” (40.6 cm x 25.4 cm) “scrapbooks” with a total of 789 pages of articles from Buffalo, Western New York and other newspapers were discovered in the Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection at the Health Sciences Library. The time period covered is October 31, 1901 through June 14, 1906. The subject matter runs the gamut from public health issues such as disease outbreaks in the city and elsewhere, sewage, water, food and milk purity, tenements and animal control to Buffalo and area politics. There are numerous images and cartoons as well. These articles were apparently compiled by a “clipping service,” in Buffalo.

The other interesting aspect of this collection is the fact that Buffalo had so many newspapers at that time. The articles were taken from papers including the News, the Courier, the Enquirer, the Times, the Review and the Express. There are also clippings from Buffalo’s German language newspapers. Use of the clipping collection is now available through four acid-free, bound paper copies.