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J. Warren Perry Photo Collection

About the Collection

The J. Warren Perry Collection of Photographs consists of more than 1800 photographs. The focus of the collection is opera, with images of singers, productions, conductors, and concert halls. There are also photographs of ensembles and instrumentalists. Many of the photographs bear inscriptions from the artists to Dr. Perry. The documentation is international in scope and is a striking visual record of many of the most significant musicians of the twentieth century.

The collection is searchable by names of musicians, ensembles, locations, halls, and photographers. Additionally, it can be searched by titles of operas, composers, and operatic roles. Five broad categories have been used to classify the images: people, productions (with a predictable overlap between the two categories), ensembles, halls, and documents (to cover the small number of clippings and letters in the collection).

Complete details about the collection can be found in the finding aid for the collection.