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Buckle / Bernhard Frank collection

About the Collection

Bernhard Frank is an accomplished poet, translator, and retired English professor at Buffalo State College. He created the semi-annual magazines Buckle”: A Poetry Journal and Buckle & that ran from Fall 1977 to Spring/Summer 1982 and from Fall/Winter 1998 to Fall/Winter 2006, respectively. All ten issues of Buckle” include poetry, poetry translations into English, and illustrations, and published such authors as Dennis Maloney, Marge Piercy, Jon Daunt, William Dickey, Alice Fulton, John Tagliabue, and Joan Colby. As Frank explains in the first issue of Buckle &, Buckle” came to an end because of “dwindling sales and burnout.” Several issues of Buckle & accepted submissions as part of a poetry contest, and over the span of its seventeen issues its contributors include Deborah Bogen, Joseph Lisowski, Constance Vogel, Dennis Saleh, Leonard Cirino, Shmu’ el Shatal, and John M. Bennett.

In addition to his editorial work with Buckle, Frank has written numerous works of original poetry, drama, and fiction, along with translations and scholarly criticism on such writers as Robert Graves, Rainer Maria Rilke, Else Lasker-Schüler, and Paul Verlaine. His books include American Gothic (1982), The Homer Ladies’ Journal (1995), The Print of Memory (2002), John in the Wilderness (2006), Splitting the Lark (2007), The 4 Lives of Hamlet (2007), and Deor to Dickey: A Reader (2011). In 1980 the University of Iowa Press published his translated volume of Modern Hebrew Poetry.

This digital collection aims to give a broad overview of his work: from the Buckle magazines to his poetry, fiction, drama, translations, and criticism to recordings of his readings of poetry. Many of the items include the cover of the work, the table of contents, and a short excerpt.