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European Postcards Album

About the Collection

This collection consists of a 28 page scrapbook of European postcards curated by Theodosia Stickney (née Hewlett) and Ruth Hewlett. Theodosia and Ruth were both graduates and lifelong donors of the University at Buffalo. The sisters traveled extensively throughout America and Europe, and they took many photographs throughout their trips. This album features postcards from Switzerland and Italy, mainly of works of art and historical landmarks. There are 29 postcards, 3 photographs, and 1 booklet. Many of the statues and landmarks are located in the Museo di San Marco, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Galleria Borghese. The album and postcards are undated, but one postcard features Pope Saint John XXIII, who was Pope from 1958-1963, so the sisters traveled to Rome during that time.